Black Panther may have his own movie in 2014

Black Panther Movie 2014 We have signals that in 2014 will start a Black Panther movie. When Marvel's production manager, Kevin Feige, spoke last year about the future projects of the studio, the name most often mentioned were for an independent being, superheroes like Dr. Strange and Iron Fist. But now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Black Panther is in project to be released to the big screen, the production is launched by the hiring of Mark Bailey, who will put on paper superhero African scenario.

There have been attempts to adapt the story of Black Panther movies, being significant in the early 1990s, with Wesley Snipes in the main role, but the idea was abandoned. Black Panther superhero is actually T'challa African king and his abilities include superhuman strength and senses, and retractable claws and a weapon called the Ebony Blade. As it has done in his movies, Marvel has put in Iron Man 2 and a reference to the future Black Panther movie on a map located at the organization SHIELD.

This summer, Marvel will bring to the big screen on Captain America and Thor, but these two characters are just a small part of comic book heroes that the studio plans to bring her to life. Last year, Marvel chief Kevin Feige suggested Dinner with Dr. Strange and Iron Fist, but one of the characters most often mentioned was the Black Panther. Now the project is officially in the books for 2014.

Created in 1960, Black Panther is married to Storm of the X-Men, but given that Fox owns the rights to franchise X-Men, this will not be mentioned.

Black Panther release date could be set in 2014 (but the project can move to 2015 or 2016), and we don't know nothing about the cast at this time. What we can say for sure is that Black Panther movie trailer will be here as soon as possible, until then we let you enjoy a video from YouTube with this character.

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